It’s subtle but if you look closely someone cared enough about this meme to add the reflection of the text in the water.


It’s subtle but if you look closely someone cared enough about this meme to add the reflection of the text in the water.

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Two weeks later, we spoke again.

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so Mickeleh’s using the same evasive tactics as Alex Day apparently


1) Discrediting criticism by discrediting the platform it was made on, in both their cases belittling the platform of tumblr.

What point is he even trying to make? That post was direct quotes with links to the context they were made in, it was made to spread information, why does it matter whether that was the first someone had heard about his actions? It’s still the same information.


2) Discrediting criticism by discrediting the fact it was made in the first place. In Alex’s case this was saying that people would say he was being manipulative so that when we did, he could point to us and say ‘see? I told you’ regardless of how rightful the accusations are. He’s doing the exact same thing. He’s making himself the victim.

honestly fuck this guy

he’s literally avoiding criticism the same way alex day does, by predicting people are going to call him out on it before we do, so when we do he can point to it and say ‘see? i told you so’ no matter how valid it is

That’s actually so true. He’s also said “They have a right to view it as they do. I have a right to view it as I do, And you have a right to be horrified.”

Which is totally true! We also had the right to show people what his view has always been!

Saw someone tweeting Mickeleh calling him out on stuff that was in the YouTube Speaks post

and he said “I presume our entire conversation will now be added to my dossier. Now that I’m being tracked and denounced.”

For good reason..?

and about the Tom Milsom quote on his channel “Yes it does. I’ve said that as soon as anybody can give me a better quote, I’ll take Tom’s down and replace it.”

So he’ll replace the rapists quote when a better one comes along that’s great. 

Lovin how bisexuality doesn’t seem to exist in The Mindy Project either..




It’s reassuring to know if I want to do what Anita Sarkeesian is doing as a job I’ll only have to face constant online harassment, death threats, and people trying to orchestrate mass shootings and bombings anywhere I want to speak !

you want to be a con artist? why not just be a televangelist or a motivational speaker? why not sell time shares? you’ll infuriate less people, and still make a lot of money off of other’s ignorance.

I didn’t realize thinking critically about and analyzing an art medium from a feminist lens warranted death threats? I guess we might as well threaten to massacre English teachers discussing gender and race relations in classic literature as well.

Also, Anita makes 15-20 minute videos of video game analysis. That takes quite a bit of time and effort to script, film, and edit. Why shouldn’t she be making money off of the work she’s putting into them? I mean if sixteen year old British boys are making livings off of tag videos and cinnamon challenges how is Anita “conning” people. That’s how YouTube works. Plus, she’s paying off freaking grad school. Not a cheap endeavor.